From the Heart to the Ocean
Frequently Asked Questions

How do I submit my entries?

Entry is by online application only. The online entry system can be found at the Registration & Entry Page

What Medium can I work in?

Examples of mediums are (and are not limited to) the following:

  • Visual storytelling / short film / photo collage  /photo composite / digital art – maximum duration 210 seconds
  • Sculpture
  • Painting/drawing – watercolour, oils, acrylic, etc
  • Print – etching, lithography etc
  • Installation
  • Assemblage
  • Performance – dance, short play, song etc – maximum 210 seconds
  • Written  – short story, poem etc submitted in digital form (pdf)
How is the competition judged?

We appoint a panel of judges to evaluate all submissions.

As per Section 6.3 in the Terms and Conditions, entries will be assessed on the following criteria:

The artwork submitted will be judged based on the following criteria:

     6.3.1 Embodyment of the theme – From the Heart to the Ocean

     6.3.2 Interpretation

     6.3.3 Creativity

     6.3.4 Originality

     6.3.5 Technique

Do I need to send in my physical artwork?

No, you do not enter the physical work itself as all entries will be judged from digital files.

In the case of artworks that exist in a physical form (example paintings, sculptures etc), this means digital files such as photos and/or a short video of the work need to be entered. The photos/videos can be taken by the entrant, or by a third party;

In the case of entries that do not exist in a physical form eg digital art, films, recordings etc, a copy of the original file must be uploaded as the entry.

Upload file specifications can be found in the Terms and Conditions.


What photos of my artwork should I upload?

For most mediums, you should include photos of your artwork that represent your work as a whole, plus any special details, workmanship etc you feel should be highlighted… You can enter up to 5 photos of your artwork, or 4 photos and one 30 second video.

For entries that are digital art simply upload the work itself.

For recordings of performances, animations or short films, you should just upload the work itself. The maximum length of these entries is 210 seconds.

For written pieces, you can submit as a PDF.

How do I name my files?

As in the example below, you need to include:

The Entry Number: 1 for first entry, 2 for second entry 3 for 3rd entry
Award abbreviation FTHTTO*
File number
.File extension (.jpg/.pdf/.mov)





*FTHTTO is From The Heart To The Ocean

As an example of your file might be Brown_James_FTHTTO_1_1234.jpg


How do I know if my submissions have been received?

Once your files have been uploaded and saved, they are automatically included in the competition. You will receive an email confirming the upload is successful.

Can I change my selection of entries once they have been uploaded ?

Unfortunately not.


Is the prize open to creatives who reside outside of Australia?

Yes, the competition is open globally to any creative as an individual or a group aged 18 and over.

Are there any age restrictions?

Yes, the competition is open to all creatives aged 18 and over at the time of entry.

What happens if my submission is corrupted or unreadable?

If your submission is corrupted or unreadable by us, we will endeavour to contact you in order to arrange for the image to be re-sent. If the entry is still unreadable after resubmitting, the entry will be disqualified. 

Further Assistance

If you continue to experience problems during the submission of your entries, then please contact us at the following email address:

We will endeavour to respond to your email as soon as possible. However please note that in the days leading up to the end-date of the competition, the increased amount of internet traffic and submissions may mean that both the speed of our submission system and our ability to respond to technical issues will be reduced. We recommend initiating submission of entries early in the competition so that if you do come across any technical problems, our staff will have plenty of time to help you with any problems you might experience.