Amanda Blanksby

2021 Guru Award Winner

Western Australia

Who doesn’t love a smiley fish!! These porcupine fish seem to be content with their life swimming round in the ocean.

Busselton Jetty, Busselton, WA

On this particular dive under Busselton Jetty, the Old Wives were hanging around one of the pylons.

Busselton Jetty, Busselton, WA

This is looking into the engine room of the Lena wreck at around 15m deep, with a school of snooks swimming around.

The Lena Wreck, Bunbury, WA

Fan worm swaying with the water movement.  Playing with a slower shutter speed and 2nd curtain flash to create a more abstract feel.

BHP Steelworks Jetty, Cockburn Sound, WA

This is based on practicing intentional movement with ND filters, whilst photographing post sunrise, on a deserted beach.

Salmon Holes Beach, Albany, WA

2021 Category Winners

Underwater Characters

Luc Rooman
Oost Vlaanderen, Belgium

Mating toads catch by a sunbeam. Photographed in De Melle Turnhout Belgium

Underwater Scenes 

Wayne Osbourne
Western Australia.

The healthy, lush and biodiverse marine micro-environment of a tropical coral reef outcrop. Photographed in Wakatobi Reefs, Sulawesi, Indonesia. 

Aquatic Abstract

Richard Condlyffe
Michigan, USA

I lit this open Giant Basket Star at night using directional pink light to combine color with its beautifully shaped and textured branches. Photographed in Exumas, Bahamas. 

Topside Scenes

Pavlos Evangelidis
Attica, Greece.

Catch of the Day. Traditional stilt fishermen try their luck at sunset in Koggala, Sri Lanka. This is a single take at 10s shutter speed with an ND filter for that dreamy water texture. Photographed in Koggala, Sri Lanka.

Underwater Black & White 

Kristian Lane
Queensland, Australia.

Black & White Ghosts – These spins and slow shutter speed shots are so much fun to do and I love the creative and artistic vibes they give. Lady Elliot Island, Australia.

2021 People’s Choice Winner

People’s Choice Winner

Craig Lambert
Baulkham Hills, NSW 

Juvenile Calamari Squid are attracted to my lights when I dive at night. This one was particularly curious. Photographed in Chowder Bay, Sydney