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Resume Submission

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    • Step 1 - How to Submit your Eco Resume

    • Please tell us what you do to be an Eco Hero.

      • To help you along you can consider the following questions:
      • How do you meet the Eco Hero criteria? ie role models and promotes activities/work to create a positive benefit to the community /environment
      • What are your qualities that motivate you to do what you do and how do you demonstrate them? ie are of good character
      • What have been the results of all you work/ activities?
      • Why do you do these positive activities? and or what drives you? who/ what supports/ inspires/ motivates you ?
      • What have you done if any, is something that you would consider to be above and beyond?
      • What challenges, if any, have you faced and how have you overcome them?
      • Have you done something outstanding or innovative?

        Things to include your in Eco Hero Resume:

        • Documents, scans of articles about the yourself.
        • Links to online articles that are relevant.
        • Links to online videos that are relevant.
        • Photos

        Nominee Resume must be supplied as a PDF File. 

        • This file will include all supporting information, bundled together as a PDF.
        • PDF file size can be no bigger than 20mb
        PDF Naming Format - SURNAME_FIRSTNAME_EHA_file number.pdf   (EHA = Eco Hero Award)


        To complete your online entry, you will need the following:

        The Nominee's Details

        • First Name
        •  Surname
        • Street Address
        • Contact Phone Number
        • Email Address

        Eco Resume PDF - Named as SURNAME_FIRSTNAME_EHA_file number.pdf

        Parent or Guardian (if under 18 years of age).

        Read the Terms & Conditions - Full Eco Hero Award  Terms & Conditions can be seen here


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