How to Enter

This page is meant as a guide to entry only,
and is not a substitute for the Eco Hero Terms & Conditions.


The intent of the Eco Hero Award is to discover and celebrate the many unsung heroes who work selflessly to affect positive impacts on the fabric of their community’s environment. The Award aims to recognise and promote community members whose activities produce tangible outcomes – those who think globally and act locally.


This award recognises outstanding community leadership and commitment from individuals whose environmental initiatives are locally relevant, have a strong positive social and ecological impact and have widespread benefits for communities.


The cost to make a nomination is AUD$40. All fees collected will be donated to Rainforest Rescue.


Review the Terms and Conditions BEFORE starting your Nomination. (Strongly Advised)

The 2021 Underwater Tour Eco Hero Award recipient will be selected via a five-stage process:

  1. Nominations 
  2. Submissions 
  3. Selection of semi-finalists
  4. Public Voting for finalists
  5. Final Judging

1. Nominations

Members of the community can nominate a suitable candidate for the Eco Hero Award by completing the online Registration Process. This process includes uploading a Dossier that supports the Nomination.

Complete your Nomination online at the Eco Hero Award Nomination Form page.

You can prepare the Dossier in any computer program  (word processor, page layout, presentation program) that can export or save as a PDF (Portable Document File).

You will then need to upload the PDF file as a part of the online Nomination process.

Your Dossier must be named as follows: SURNAME_FIRSTNAME_EHA_file number.pdf

Points to consider including when preparing the Dossier:

  •  How does the Nominee meet the Eco Hero Award Criteria?
  • What particular qualities make this person suitable for Nomination?
  • How does the Nominee demonstrate these qualities?
  • What do you admire/respect about the Nominee?
  • Have they done something above and beyond?
  • Have they overcome challenges?
  • Have they done something outstanding or innovative?

Things that will enhance the Dossier:

  • Documents or scans of articles about the nominee
  • Links to relevant on-line articles
  • Links to relevant on-line videos
  • Relevant photographs
  • References and testimonials from other community members
Nominations close
 Sunday 28 February 2021 at 4:00pm
(Australian Eastern Standard Time) GMT +10:00

2. Submissions

Upon review of the Nominations, a selection of Nominees will be asked to complete an online Submission and may be asked to provide further supporting documentation in an attached Eco-Resume.

3. Selection of semi-finalists

From the Nomibations and Submissions received, the panel will select a pool of Semi-finalists.

4. Public Voting for finalist
The Semi-finalists will be included in a Public Vote, which will select the Finalists.

5. Judging 

From the Finalists, the Judging Panel will choose the 2021 Eco Hero.


You may only nominate one Nominee per Nomination Form


To complete your online entry, you will need the following:

  • The Nominee’s Details
    • First Name
    • Surname
    • Street Address
    • Contact Phone Number
    • Email Address
  • The candidate’s endorsement of, and agreement to, the nomination
  • Your Personal Details
  • A completed Dossier saved as a PDF, named as per the Awards’ file naming convention (see above, Nominations)
  •  Credit Card for payment of entry fee


Full Eco Hero Award  Terms & Conditions can be seen here


Visit our Frequently Asked Questions page